Infrastructure is the lifeblood of our country, our provinces and our cities. Hard infrastructure, whether it be Private or Public is what we do. Whether it be utilities, water and wastewater delivery/treatment, dams, bridges or tunnels we can build it. We have successfully and safely completed many projects at times in adverse weather and unfavorable terrain.


From airport runways, rail, roadways, highways and even the Trans-Canada Highway we can build it. And build it safely. Working within the tight tolerances required on a runway for a Boeing 767, a National Highway with a daily average of 25,000 vehicles or a major railway mainline, we’ve successfully done it.


If it’s a new development or existing mine, the MacKay mining team has a solution. After all, it’s where we started. We are experienced in mine infrastructure, site development, reclamation and contract mining. We move mountains without compromising the environment or safety.


We can safely provide the delivery of a wide range of industrial projects. We specialize in HDPE Piping in addition we can provide services such as site preparation, structures, pipelines for the Industrial, Oil and Gas, LNG or Renewables markets.


We have experience in providing a wide range of services for site remediation. All of our projects are delivered in strict accordance with the environmental legislation and guidelines set forth by the presiding governing bodies