General Contracting

This is the core of the business. Often called bid build, it is our most common method of project delivery.

A Bit-Build typically consists of a fixed price lump sum or unit price contracts. Mackay has the capacity to self perform kinds of work, including quality control testing.

Construction Management

This involves overseeing the entire construction process from the beginning. Here, we add value above the typical bid build roll by providing some design input and offering enhance value to the client throughout the project.


Design-build combine several aspects of the construction project encompassing design, engineering, and construction expertise. Unlike traditional delivery methods, design-build projects typically deliver faster and with less risk and administration for the owner.

Public-Private Partnership P3

This method generally involves a public entity partnering with one or more private partners to perform work on a public facility or service. Within the public-private partnership Pete's remodel, Mackay can provide necessary local experience and support two larger partners within a p3 group project.